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ROSE for Validation of Mission Plans (RVMP)

This is a project with the Canadian Space Agency where L3 MAPPS has built a satellite simulator using the L3 MAPPS-developed tool known as the Real-time Object-based Simulation Environment (ROSE). The simulator is intended to be used for the validation of mission plans by enabling an operator to fully test a procedure on a simulated spacecraft. It uses spacecraft-specific diagnosis procedures (such as STOL flight procedures), providing automatic parameter checking and reporting.

MSS Operations and Training Simulator (MOTS)

The Mobile Servicing System (MSS) Operation and Training Simulator (MOTS), is a real-time simulator supporting the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) in operations development and verification, and crew training. The main features of MOTS are: a replica of the Space Station Robotics Work Station, real-time dynamics simulation, high fidelity 3-D visualization of camera views, on-orbit human computer interface pages. Located at the CSA, St. Hubert, MOTS is used by International Astronauts prior to their mission to the International Space Station and by the MSS operations support personal for mission planning. The MOTS now supports the integration of MSS flight software in the loop, in order to enhance the fidelity of the simulation. MOTS is CSA's primary tool supporting the Operations and Utilization of the MSS and hence it interfaces with several other ground support facilities, such as, the Virtual Operations Training Environment, the Space Operations Support Centre. Video Distribution Unit (VDU)/ Video Signal Converter (VSC) The Video Distribution Unit (VDU) and Video Signal Converter are space flight hardware, which provide the interface between the International Space Station Camera assembly and the Video Subsystems on the Station. They provide Pulse-Frequency Modulated conversion and routing of the baseband input video signal originating from the TV camera to the external video channels on the video subsystems, in response to commands originating from within the Space Station Command and Control Station. L3 MAPPS has designed, manufactured, qualified and delivered 9 units to Spar Aerospace Limited for the Space Station Remote Manipulator System and the Space Station Mobile Base System. For the Special Purpose Dexterous Manipulator, 4 more units are planned for delivery. Manipulator Development and Simulation Facility (MDSF) The Manipulator Development and Simulation Facility (MDSF) is an engineering simulator, capable of simulating in real-time robotic manipulators of arbitrary architecture. The main features of this simulator are: generic model of flexible multi-body dynamics, human-in-the-loop capability, real-time 3-D visualization and user defined control system simulation. Located at MacDonald-Dettwiler Robotics, in Toronto, MDSF is currently supporting the engineering development and verification of the Mobile Servicing System (MSS). The MSS which is the Canadian contribution to the International Space Station Alpha, consists of two robotic devices: the Space Station Remote Manipulator System (SSRMS) and the Special Purpose Dexterous Manipulator (SPDM). Although developed for the space station applications, the MDSF architecture is sufficiently flexible to allow the simulation of other space, terrestrial or underwater robots.



Space Shuttle Display and Control Subsystem
Space Shuttle Remote Manipulator Simulation Facility
For the Space Shuttle Program L3 MAPPS developed the Shuttle Remote Manipulator System Display and Control (DCP) subsystem. The DCP subsystem comprised the complete human machine interface, and consisted of the display and control panel interface electronics and two hand controllers used to operate the manipulator.

L3 MAPPS designed and developed a real-time simulator for the Space Shuttle Remote Manipulator (SRMS) program to enable validation of control systems, development of standard operating procedures and operator training. SIMFAC included a mock-up of the aft end of the NASA space shuttle crew compartment complete with the SRMS operator station and a test conductor station.


Great Britain

Galileo Simulation Facility (GSSF)

The European Space Agency (ESA) is investigating the design of a global positioning system named Galileo for European commercial users, similar to the American GPS system. They require a simulation facility to support the system definition and system design phases. L3 MAPPS has participated in a European consortium that has built a Galileo System Simulation Facility that provides an end-to-end simulation model of the complete Galileo system, including ground segment, space segment and user segment.
L3 MAPPS has provided mainly the modelling expertise in the space and user segments.

Multipurpose Space Vehicle Simulator (MSVS)

The Multipurpose Space Vehicle Simulator (MSVS), is a research and development simulator developed for the European Space Agency (ESA). Located at ESTEC, Netherlands, ESA's primary research center, MSVS is intended to be used in the development of future space vehicle missions. MSVS is based on the L3 MAPPS ROSE toolset, and is capable of simulating in real-time a space vehicle in all phases of its mission. The main features of this simulator are: generic models of space vehicle dynamics, its environment and subsystems, a rapid prototyping environment, live schematics of the subsystems, visualization of the orbit propagation and attitude maneuvers. It can be used to prototype space vehicle design, perform vehicle dynamic analysis, prototype Human Machine Interface. MSVS has the potential to be used in the future for flight hardware-in-the-loop and software-in-the-loop simulation, and as a training simulator.



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