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L3 MAPPS has always been known for delivering high-quality simulators. With its current suite of simulation products, the Orchid® product suite, L3 MAPPS continues this tradition with a complete, cutting-edge simulation software environment.

The Orchid® tools have been designed to be highly integrated with one another to create an effective and efficient working environment. Each tool follows a standardized approach, providing the same guidelines for menu structure, icons, documentation and even training material. By focusing on the use of  common icons, layouts, themes and menus, we have been able to minimize our users’ learning curve in adopting the Orchid® products.

Orchid IS

Orchid® Instructor Station

State-of-the-art Modular Instructor Facility for Controlling Simulator Training Environments

Orchid CB

Orchid® Core Builder

Design-grade Neutronics Rapid Model Development

Orchid ME

Orchid® Modeling Environment

Advanced Real-time Graphical Component-based Simulation Environment

Orchid CS

Orchid® Control System

Simulator-ready DCS Human-Machine Interface Simulation

Orchid GE

Orchid® Graphic Editor

Development Environment for Graphical Control Panel and Purpose-built Schematics

Orchid TI

Orchid® Touch Interface

Extending the Benefits of Classroom Simulation while Offloading the Full Scope Simulator

Orchid SE

Orchid® Simulator Executive

Graphical Real-time Simulator Task Scheduler

Orchid CM

Orchid® Configuration Manager

Fully Integrated Graphical Simulator Configuration Management Utility

Orchid NL

Orchid® Network Loader

Multi-platform Distributed Simulation Component Loader

Orchid IS

Orchid® Multimedia Manager

Effective Simulator Synchronized Training Session Monitoring & Debriefing

Orchid IO

Orchid® Communications Exchange

Emulating Multi-party Communications in Simulation Environments

Orchid SS

Orchid® Sound System

Simulator Control Room Sound and Noise Utility

Orchid IO

Orchid® Input Output

Versatile Simulator I/O Communication and Diagnostics


Features and benefits

Orchid® features the latest in graphical user interfaces using an enhanced, modern look and feel, and providing an unparalleled level of customizability. Each Orchid® application comes loaded with new features that help our users utilize our tools as efficiently as possible. User manuals, help menus and tool tips are all accessible directly from within the tools. All Orchid® tools also come with Install-Shields, making each Orchid® application easy to install and to upgrade to newer versions.

Our tools are now faster and easier to maintain than ever. Orchid® supports recent releases of third-party software operating systems, database management tools and software compilers.

Using important feedback from our user community, we’ve incorporated hundreds of new features, making the Orchid® product suite a powerful and complete set of tools for all your simulation needs.

With its complete Orchid® product suite, L3 MAPPS continues to provide the highest standards of quality to all of our customers, aiming for even higher levels of customer satisfaction.


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