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Learning Technologies

The objectives of a nuclear training program are well documented and the methods which to accomplish the learning objectives are clearly identified. With L3 MAPPS Learning Technologies, the use of visualization is designed to further those objectives by adding another tool in the arsenal to improve or augment the learning experience with a higher degree of efficiency, retention and accessibility. Visualization components can be used in standalone training media or can easily be integrated with the existing full scope simulator and/or existing classroom training programs.

Studies have shown that learning efficiency and retention are augmented by using a visually rich, interactive and immersive teaching environment, which can be summarized by these two principles:

  1. Seeing is understanding
  2. Interacting helps remember

To enhance existing training programs or to support the establishment of newcomer training programs, L3 MAPPS has devised learning technologies based on these principles. L3 MAPPS has coupled computer visualizations with high-fidelity simulation to bring real-time, simulation-driven animated components and systems allowing immersive and participatory, individual or classroom learning.

Learning Modules

Learning Modules

System Knowledge Modules

System Knowledge Modules

Learning Simulators

Learning Simulators

Training Delivery

Training Delivery



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