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Customer Testimonials

Li Jinguang "The Sizewell simulator was commissioned in 2002 and has been instrumental in providing improved operator training. Operations staff use the simulator to pre-run infrequent activities immediately prior to the actual task, to familiarize themselves with what is required and to identify any potential human performance error traps. Significant plant events are replayed on the simulator both as a learning opportunity and as a means of evaluation.

We have continued to work closely with L3 MAPPS to ensure that the simulator fidelity is maintained in line with the data from the plant."

Nick Alexander
Group Head, Process Computing Systems
Sizewell B Power Station
EDF Energy
Franc Pribozic "I remember a time when engineers were going to do an electrical procedure in the plant. They called me and wanted to run through it on the simulator first. We ran it on the simulator and during performance of the procedure tripped the plant. We reviewed the prints to verify what had happened, and during the investigation we found that the simulator response was correct and we had avoided an actual plant trip. This saved the company from both a budget and a performance standpoint."

Jody Brodsky
Simulator Support Supervisor
South Texas Project Electric Generating Station
STP Nuclear Operating Co.
Franc Pribozic "Before we ever initiated any of the activities associated with the Fermi simulator replacement project, we knew that it was going to be a difficult endeavor under the best of circumstances. What we didn't know is what our counterparts at L3 MAPPS were going to be like. I can sum it all up in one word: Teamwork. There was no DTE Energy, and there was no L3 MAPPS – there was "us". That was the flavor at the beginning of the project, and surprisingly, was even more so at the conclusion of the project. It was like a family being split up when the Factory Acceptance Testing was completed."

Bryan Crone
Supervisor, Operations Training Program
Fermi 2 Nuclear Power Plant
DTE Energy

Franc Pribozic "Safety is a very important part of DNMC's culture and, indeed, the Ling Ao Phase II simulator has an important role. Since the simulation is flexible and easy to modify or extend, our engineering department often asks us to modify the simulation to test new plant processes that are being planned or new operating procedures that are being considered. The data that is collected from the simulation exercises has been very useful for decision-making related to operating the plant."

Li Jinguang
Head of Simulator Maintenance Branch
Daya Bay Nuclear Power Operations and
Management Co., Ltd.

Franc Pribozic "During the development of the simulator I got to know L3 MAPPS quite well. We established good teamwork with open communication. This relationship and spirit continued into the operational phase. Our communication was always open, issues were brought to the table and solutions were found. What I really appreciate is the mutual trust and understanding. This really helps to focus on the job you have to do and not waste unnecessary energy."

Roger Lufi
Operations Support Manager
Beznau Nuclear Power Plant
Axpo Power AG

Franc Pribozic "At the power station we place great importance on training as a key part of delivering our commitment to nuclear professionalism. Through working with L3 MAPPS, the recent and continuing advances in fidelity, depth and scope of the Hinkley Point B simulator mean we are realizing real improvements in the quality of training we deliver to our operators and have opened up opportunities for enhancing plant understanding amongst a wider audience of power station personnel."

Steve Mitchelhill
HPB Full Time Simulator Instructor
Hinkley Point B Nuclear Power Station
EDF Energy

Franc Pribozic "China has two CANDU reactors in its fleet. The Qinshan Phase III simulator provided by L3 MAPPS is a valuable tool to train CANDU technology to our main control room staff and to reinforce the proper skills and behaviors necessary in a nuclear power plant control room to ensure continued safe, reliable and cost effective electrical power generation from the Qinshan Phase III NPP."

Mo Yinliang
Training Superintendent
Qinshan Nuclear Power Phase III Project
Third Qinshan Nuclear Power Co. Ltd.

Franc Pribozic "The simulator was very well accepted by the plant personnel. In addition to playing its irreplaceable role in training, it supports other functions such as accurate procedure testing and upfront testing of plant modifications. As an example, in cooperation with L3 MAPPS, the turbine control system was replaced before actual replacement at the plant. […] during testing on the simulator we were able to identify deficiencies that would, if not uncovered, had caused an unnecessary plant trip."

Franc Pribožič
Independent Safety Engineering Group Engineer
Krško Nuclear Power Plant
Nuklearna Elektrarna Krško

Bernhard Kaiser "Since 2004, we embarked on a multi-year, multi-phased project to transform the McGuire simulator to the state-of-the-art with L3 MAPPS. Our customers are happy with the improved fidelity and capability of our new Orchid® simulator."

Dennis J. Taylor
Supervising Engineer
McGuire Nuclear Station
Duke Energy



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